North East Sessional GPs

NESG is a support group for sessional GPs which has been running in the North East for over 10 years. The group supports members by:

  • facilitating finding work
  • improving access to education and support for appraisal
  • reducing isolation and promoting peer support
  • arranging social events and monthly meetings

The group approached Highten in 2005 to reduce work for the volunteers running the group by developing a web application which would automate a range of administrative tasks.

In 2013 the application automated the following:

  • 865 emails relating to membership renewals
  • listing of over 600 vacancies and 180 events 
  • sending 15,000 job and event alerts to GPs
  • generating and emailing a monthly list of GPs available for sessional work
  • sending monthly meeting and educational newsletters

The application allows NESG to be ran by volunteers and cost significantly less to develop and run than it would have to employ someone to fulfill these tasks.

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By Paul Gardner
Wednesday 16th April, 2014

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600vacancies promoted online

180events promoted online

15,000notifications sent