Depaul Nightstop UK

Depaul Nightstop UK provide emergency beds to homeless young people aged 16-25. Each regional branch relies on funding in order to provide this vital service, which in 2013 provided over 8,000 nights emergency accommodation across the UK.

Prior to us developing their management application, facts and figures related to this service were collected annually via paper questionnaires. This meant results were only analysed once a year and the level of data requested was kept to a minimum to encourage swifter returns.

We were tasked with developing a web based method of collecting a greater level of data direct from the branches on a daily basis.  This allows results to be analysed at any point during the year, but also by extending the brief, we were able to provide the branches with a management application that streamlined their working processes.

Since launch in 2006, the application has enabled managers to more accurately respond to increasingly complex requirements placed on them by funders.  This has helped them secure continued funding, used to provide their much needed service.

Use of the management application is optional for the regional branches, with 20 out of 33 branches who submitted data in 2013 choosing to do so view the application.

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By Paul Gardner
Wednesday 16th April, 2014

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20UK branches using app

1,800referrals recorded in 2013

3,500bednights provided